While these properties were once prominent features of the historic downtown York landscape, the majority of the buildings being included in The Market Street Revitalization Project have been vacant or underutilized for upwards of 30 years. 


Weinbrom Jewelers Building: (54-56 West Market Street)

The Past: Business Closed in 2007

On September 28, 1962, Weinbrom Jewelers celebrated the grand opening of its new, larger and more conveniently located storefront at the busiest intersection in Downtown York: West Market Street and South Beaver Street. As the only member of the American Gem Society in the York Area, Weinbrom Jewelers housed what was, at the time, the only completely Modern Gem Testing Laboratory in the area.

The Plan:

This building will be redeveloped into six retail spaces on Beaver Street, and a first floor anchor commercial space around the corner on Market Street. The second floor will be transformed into eight market rate apartments.


F.W. Woolworth Department Store: (44-50 West Market Street)

The Past: Business Closed in 1997

One of the oldest structures on Market Street, The Woolworth Building is one of the few remaining examples of the larger, Colonial Revival buildings that lined York in the 1800’s. Resting upon the grave of Philip Livingston, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Woolworth building was opened as F.W. Woolworth Co. in 1913. At what was the center of the community’s retail marketing area, the store secured York’s entry into the world of “Five and Dime” stores- a staple in an era when a nickel or dime would go far.

The Plan:

This building will be redeveloped into 3 retail spaces on the first floor with a 30 car parking lot in the rear. It will support the addition of two stories that will house 21 market rate apartments with an open air common area for outdoor entertaining and leisure.


Zakies Nightclub: (24-27 West Market Street)

The Past: Business Closed in 1992

After Morgan Supply Co. closed its doors in the early 1980’s, this vacant building was restored using historic tax credits.  In 1985 it became home to one of York’s premier night clubs, Zakies. Along with Granfalloons, First Capital Dispensing Co. and The Golden Bear, Zakies was a popular spot in York’s nightclub entertainment scene, allowing hometown bands to gain experience playing for audiences of up to a thousand people. The club closed its doors in 1992, starting a domino effect of Market Street hot spots closing. 

The Plan:

RSDC will develop the first floor into a large single use restaurant space that will utilize the courtyard of the adjacent Cherry Lane. The 2nd-4th stories will be transformed into six market rate apartments including a high end pent house suite on the top floor. 


The Police Heritage Museum (54 W. Market Street)

The Past: Building only open to the public one day/week for 6 months of the year.

In 1998, police sergeant John Stine from the York City Police Department formed a museum of artifacts and mementos to document and honor a long history of police work in the York area. The building was remodeled at that time using labor from the York County Probation Department as part of probationers' community service requirements. In 2015, the museum decided to close its doors and relocate to a different part of York to continue their mission.

The Plan:

The space will be transformed into one large retail space located centrally on the block.


renderings of the market street york project

From the corner of Market St. and
Beaver St. facing Former Weinbrom Jewelers

Rear of the buildings from alleyway showing 30 spot parking lot below, outdoor deck above, and apartments