About The Market Street Revitalization Project


While the City of York Strategic Comprehensive Plan 2030 provides a blueprint of a vision for the future, redevelopment can be a tedious, time consuming and extensive process, especially when it comes to historic structures. The Market Street Revitalization Project follows the strategies provided in the Comprehensive Plan 2030, with the goals of: 

  • Redeveloping and revitalizing areas within downtown, creating residential urban mixed-income living opportunities
  • Identifying and preserving historic landmark structures through adaptive reuse and rehabilitation
  • Provide opportunities for city residents to become business owners and create new jobs within the central downtown district


The Market Street Revitalization Project will reawaken a neighborhood that enriches its immediate surroundings and act as a bridge between the central business district and adjoining areas to the east and west. We want to create a greater citywide unification, enriching and rebuilding each area of the city beyond just the immediate downtown. We are focusing on safe, attractive, affordable and market rate housing, as well as job creation; because we believe in the people and possibilities of York City. We believe in them so much that we live here too.  



Some historic downtown properties included in the Market Street Revitalization Project :

  • F.W. Woolworth Building 
  • Weinbrom Jewelers 
  • Zakies Nightclub 
  • H&R Block Building